Things of Significance | 2016


Over the course of a year I spoke to more than 25 people from all over the world, who are now living in Amsterdam. Every person had a story to share and an object to show. I painted these Things of Significance and wrote down their stories. Individually they make beautiful and incredible portraits, together they show it’s impossible to judge new Amsterdam citizens

as a homogeneous group.

TOS* is my humble attempt to emphasize the power of dialogue. I can recommend it to everyone.

Thank you Kleurenbar for making the crowdfunding video , Kim Nanne and Roos Stallinga for the text editing, Michal Jurys for designing and printing the book. Thank you EMMA and all who donated.

The book was launched at EMMA in the Hague and is available in the shop @ Tropenmuseum. If you like to order the book please send an email to The price of the book is 25 euro.

© 2019

 Carolien Wissing